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New York Bridal week 2013 Trend Watch

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

   Last week, Valencienne Bridal had their eyes set on the New York Bridal Couture show searching for what was ‘haute’ on the runways for Spring. Dozens of top designers showcased their bridal collection at the annual bridal week.

Next years bridal trends are Peplums,  textured bodices and lots of tulle and the colour trend is red and Black gowns. The details are stunning – exposed backs and lots of lace (Thank you Kate Middleton).

Carolina Herrera Peplum Dress ,TorontoValencienne,Bridal Store Oscar de la renta Toronto,Valencienne

Designers such as Oscar de la Renta concluded their shows with striking red ball gowns.Oscar de la Renta red wedding gown Toronto ,Valencienne.






















Vera Wang ditched the White and ivories this season and opted for a more striking look of Crimson and Scarlett red.

 Toronto valencienne bridal,Red ballroom wedding gownPeplum wedding gown toronto bridal store valencienne,custom ,couture Valencienne is happy to report that these looks are on our  store floor including a jaw dropping red ballroom gown.  We chose a peplum dress for  our 2011-2012 ad campaign and we are glad to report that we were ahead of our time. Valencienne has already designed two new lace gowns to stay on trend for 2013. Tornto wedding gown bridal silk aline ballroom skirt Lace full skirt One which we named ‘Grace Kelly’ which is simple elegance with a beautiful lace bolero that buttons down the back. The other gown is form fitting and sexy to reveal a beautiful open back.Valencienne ,toronto,backless trumpet,lace wedding gown ,bridal dress Every year we design our gowns hoping to capture the up and coming trends and use inspiration from the couture shows in Paris. I had to smile reading twitter on Saturday and seeing Peplums are on fire here in New York. Here at Valencienne Peplums have been ‘Haute’  since 2011. While in New York we see designers push the envelope with the most outrageous styles to get the attention of the buyers and make a statement and even set the trends. Having designed gowns for 27 years, I find those statement pieces, although amazing to look at,  are not necessarily for every bride.  Its fantastic that Valencienne  gets the opportunity to incorporate a current trend and make it more wearable for your body shape and your wedding day.Valencienne bridal toronto

Academy Awards Iconic fashion influences Valencienne past and present

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

When my clients come into my bridal salon I love talking about special events. As I prepared to write a blog this week my question was simply, ‘What was your favourite gown in past years at the Oscars?’ It was great to hear that many of my personnel favourites were also theirs too – after all, who could forget Pretty woman Julia Roberts in her vintage couture Valentino  gown in the year 2000  winning for best actress in Erin Brockovich. It was a was simply stunning, it had winner written all over it.

What about Hilary Swank in that knockout midnight blue Guy Laroche gown she won for Million dollar baby in 2005 Training hard for that movie gave her the curves and  a perfectly toned back which revealed  a spectacular bare back how striking

Halle Berry put Elie Saab on the Red Carpet which pretty well launched him into stardom. Her gown which she wore in 2002 was so fantastic very few women could pull it off with its peek -a- boo embroidered bodice and full draped skirt defiantly was a show stopper Halle took home the Oscar for Monsters Ball.

86628_julia-roberts-at-the-2001-oscars imagesCAT07RVJ2588027 

As a bridal designer I try to draw inspiration from  some of these incredible gowns. I remember in 1990 a bride came in to Valencienne with a picture of Grace Kelly receiving her Oscar for Country Girl in 1955. She was in love with this Peau du soie  evening gown designed by the famous costume designer Edith Head. My bride just had to have something similar however updated for her vintage wedding so here is our rendition of her movie star wedding gown she choose to have her gown made of mocha coloured Peau du soie.


Gwyneth Paltrow won the little gold statue in 1999 for "Shakespeare in Love’’ and she certainly looked the part in that pink shot silk taffeta ballroom gown designed by All American Ralph Lauren. As I think about that dress in white it says Spring time Wedding gown to me.

gwyneth-paltrow-oscar _MG_4739

Angelina Jolie looked elegant draped in a plunging white satin gown with matching wrap from Marc Bouwer in  2004. That same year a lovely bride walked into Valencienne and used a picture of Angelina at the Academy Awards as the inspiration for her fashion forward wedding gown. Although my clients body shape was totally different from Angelina’s  she wanted the gown to be a little more bridal and less evening looking.  I think we achieved her wishes and her dream dress was realized for her hip, downtown restaurant reception.

angelina-jolie-0204 scarlet

Leading ladies sweep across the red carpet towards the Kodak Theater on there way to  The Academy Awards where fashion battles are won and sometimes lost but always remembered. Who could ever forget Cher in her crazy Bob Mackie gown.

imagesCAFB80OW imagesCAAQ3DSL 

In 2001 Bjork’s wore this swan dress and people are still talking about it. This is what she said about her creation: "What surprises me is that they thought I was trying to fit in but got it wrong … What they don’t mention is that I had brought six golden ostrich eggs with me and I was dropping them carefully on the red carpet. But other people’s bodyguards kept picking them up and saying in their thick American accents, ‘Scuse me, mam, you dropped this.’" Enough said….

There is no question that we all sit year after year in anticipation of seeing the best and the worst dressed stars. We then watch for the recreation of the gowns being knocked off within 24 hrs. of the award ceremonies and we buy magazines to see who was voted best dressed. As we look more closely at the gowns we become obsessed,  styles and trends from these events manages to make its way into Wedding gowns,  evening gowns, day wear, office wear and even men’s wear.

I remember watching Keira Knightley in 2006 as she wore a Vera Wang burgundy gown. It was a draped bodice with one shoulder and a trumpet skirt . I sketched a dress that night on a cocktail napkin, my design was significantly simpler however it became one of my favourites. To this day brides come in with that picture and ask for that gown.

most_memorable_oscar_dresses IQ1N7086

One of my all time favourite gowns was worn by Penelope Cruz. She walked down the red carpet wearing a Pink confection designed by Atelier Versace and my heart skipped a beat – a little melodramatic – yes but look what I do for a living. Not only was it incredibly beautiful but to craft something so magnificent is a feat unto itself. This is why these couture gowns cost thousands and thousands of dollars they are walking pieces of art, not every ones taste but incredible, all the same. Her gown was a corseted, draped and sculpted bodice and the skirt was covered with millions of floating feathers. Just a delight to watch float down the Aisle …oops sorry the red carpet.


So Oscar night is almost here and as I look back and remember all of fabulous fashion,  style and iconic dresses that seem to make there way back to present time in some form or another. I always try to look towards the future but find I am very nostalgic and cannot help looking back.

A bride this week asked me ‘What was the most incredible wedding gown you have ever designed’ and I told her that ‘I have not created it yet’. Every gown I am currently working on has to be better that the last one.

As a finale to this blog here are some of Valenciennes gowns that hold a special place in my heart.

Kate Middleton shoot Wed lux ad 2011 021



A Valencienne Globetrotter: Charlotte and Dave’s Australian Wedding

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Dave+Charlotte photography has been no stranger to Valencienne. The charming husband/wife photography duo have worked with Valencienne to produce exquisite fashion shoots and creatives that have been featured in WedLuxe magazine .They capture the beauty of  Valencienne Bridal gowns with such flair, which is why I was more than excited to collaborate on our next project: creating Charlotte’s dream wedding gown.

The Valencienne gown travelled across the world, landing in sunny Australia for their nuptials…and stunning photos, which were taken by Last Forty P ercent.

Check out Green Wedding Shoes for more pictures of the stunning wedding.

Our Kate Middleton inspired wedding gown

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
The happy couple – Kate Middleton and Prince William
Looking forward to their magical day.
The Kate Middleton inspired wedding gown by Valencienne, “Where did the concept for this gown come from?” Simple it’s the same as designing for our very own Toronto brides. We look at the client, how they dress, what’s their personal style and take into consideration there body shape and appearance. Then we take into consideration where the wedding event will take place, what time of day is the event and just how formal or not the wedding is. We also ask if there are special considerations about the day that our brides would like to integrate into their dream wedding gown. Designing a bridal gown has to take all these things into account.
Kate Middleton is long and lean; her style is classic, elegant, demure and regal. The gown has to be couture in every sense of the word but must also keep with tradition and be quite conservative. Her wedding is extremely formal as she will marry her Prince in Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey Dress

Kate Middleton goes to the Cathedral

Kate Middleton inspired dress by Valencienne

Kate Middleton inspired dress by Valencienne

She will then be hosted by the Queen for a Luncheon for 600 people which will be formal however it is midday so I felt she should maintain wearing the Jacket but the over skirt be removed for more comfort while eating.
Queens' Luncheon Dress

Kate Middleton goes to Luncheon

The evening event, which will be hosted by Prince Charles, will also be formal however this is at night so Kate will remove the long skirt and wear the shorter skirt for evening. She will also remove the Jacket to expose the magnificent encrusted bustier and put the extravagant bow on the side. Quite a bit later there is a late evening soiree planned for only 100 people it’s the final event for the younger guests, it’s party time …The short skirt becomes even shorter. Kate will turn the skirt to reveal her great legs and she then has a great cocktail party gown for dancing.
Buckingham Palace Party Dress

Kate Middleton parties at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton inspired party dress by Valencienne

Kate Middleton inspired party dress by Valencienne

Girls – that is how custom design can benefit you. Your gown can be made to suit every aspect of your personality and compliment your wedding day beautifully. The idea of custom making a wedding gown is really a special experience and makes your gown so much more personal and unique.

Kate Middleton inspired luncheon dress by Valencienne

Kate Middleton inspired luncheon dress by Valencienne

In our next blog we will discuss how the Kate gown was actually made. I will take you through the making of a couture wedding gown…

Hey there is a video clip of the dress featured on eTalk here (—tuesday-april-5-2011/#clip445188) and you can look for the dress about three quarters of the way through the clip.

Décor – Wedding Designer STYLE!

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

First I know that this blog is about our personal wedding style however I just need to quickly talk about My Wedding Gown it’s all sewn together however it needs hand finishing. You know the Magic more importantly THE BLING … much bling is required to make a person ‘glow’ a lot so half of the design has been sewn in India the other half of the dress has been put together here in Toronto. There are thousands of Swarovski crystals,   an abundance of luscious silk peau de soie and beautiful draping – my idea was really to showcase all of my Valencienne  family talent.

Hopefully I have enticed you enough to keep visiting my blog. This is a sample of some of our beautiful embroidery.

So what was my personal  style for our wedding? It could only be one choice, our wedding would be a celebration of  the one thing in my life that I have an unlimited amount of passion for, FASHION and the fashion designers that inspire me everyday. Having an amazing fiancé, he said ‘I just want you to be happy’ so go right ahead.

We have built a wall for our wedding with picture frames that will announce to our guest where they will be  seated, All the tables were named after my most favorite designers, there were 13 in all. I thought we would sit at the Christian Dior table however Jeff said that he wanted to sit at a table naming his favorite designer “me” so Valencienne was put on the wall, front and center. (I love this guy he is my number one fan).

I had asked Jeff his thoughts for colour and he said that his favorite colour was royal purple so that is how the colours where choosen. I quickly designed an inspiration board to keep us on track ,as there is so much out there in the bridal industry, its easy to get side tracked. 

The next order of business was the table centers so how could I marry my incredible love for flowers with my idea of designer table centers?  Well as luck would have it I was at Homesense one day and in front of me was this figure – I almost lost my mind, it was gold however I saw it in my mind, sprayed purple with a touch of jewels and a big silk brocade sash around its waist that would fall onto the table to create the centerpiece. OMG – The wedding decor is coming together. 

I had contacted a very good friend of mine, Tina, from Covers Couture in regards to our linen rental and explained our theme ‘fashion designer meets Marie Antoinette’ and she laughed and said ‘no problem’ so one very late night we met at her place after work at 11pm to be exact and our creative minds came together. What we came up with was a purple satin base with layers upon layers of green and brown brocade which is call ‘Godiva’ I just fell in love with the name.  

She pulled out some matching tassels and I said ‘I think I need every tassel you have in this place’. Tina loves her table linen as much as I love my dresses and the excitement builds. At midnight I ran out of there screaming ‘this is going to be fab’ and her saying ‘You are sooo over the top’. Driving home I thought will Jeff understand shiny purple with green and brown gold brocade mixed with Jewel toned flowers? …………..I think not! I will not discuss flowers yet, I will let him get used to green and brown brocade.