When you step across the threshold into Valencienne you have entered the World of Couture. Our boutique is an overwhelming experience for your senses, filled with luxurious gowns made with impeccable skill and craftsmanship. Upon entering you are captivated by the extravagance; A billowing confection of fabrics reminiscent of whipped meringue, Luscious Peau de soie that melts in your hands, French laces that look so delicate they could hang in a gallery and an abundance of Swarovski crystals like looking into a jewelers finest treasures.

Our collection of Valencienne gowns are each one more enticing to try than the next. We have a gown for every woman, styles range from simple to outrageous, sheath to ball gown; anything is possible, we design and capture your personal style with absolute passion.

Choosing a Valencienne gown is an extraordinary experience... Together let's explore the story behind your special gown.

Coordinating bridal accessories along with customized Bridesmaids and Flower girl dresses help to create your own special theme, there by making your wedding unforgettable. Along with Bridal wear Valencienne designs formal wear for any occasion.


Owner and Designer, she is thread that holds together the fabrics of Valencienne. Known for her impeccable standards and discriminating taste, Kim has been marrying dreams with the dreamers for 25 years.

Bespoke luxury is a phrase Kim holds her highest regard to, evident in every design that comes alive on her sketch pad, with a keen sense of awareness along with the uncanny ability to sketch a gown which captures your unique personality and breathes life into the dress of your dreams.

The beginnings of Valencienne came from her English background where Kim’s vision is enchanted by the romance of European tradition. Always catering to ensure every client gets their vision of the perfect dress, in her own words “the job of the designer is to marry exquisite and original detailing to the basic style that best flatters the bride’s body.”

Beyond the design and construction of your gown, Kim is also your friend and trusted expert that pours out her honest opinions; with her outgoing personality and endless stream of amusing anecdotes it is guaranteed to take the stress out of preparing for your special day.

The reputation of Valencienne falls on the back of the designer and Kim’s status in Toronto’s couture bridal business is beyond compare.

Two thousand and ten- marks a milestone at Valencienne. Kim is finally dressed in one of her own creations; and Valencienne celebrates 25 magnificent years in bridal.

Is an extremely talented hand finishing specialist with over 30 years in the bridal industry. Her skills were honed in her native country of the Philippines, studying under some of the country’s most prestigious schools, where her passion lies in designing embroidery and intricate beading. Later she moved to Bahrain in the Middle East, where she continued to enhance her skills by mastering the art of draping and embellishment.

In 1997, she moved to Canada and was employed at Allen Cherry. Rowena has devoted her entire life to the bridal industry; and we are extremely fortunate to have Rowena on the Valencienne team for 3 years and counting.

Sonia has been working at Valencienne for 21 years as the head seamstress; making her an integral part of our couturier. She originally came from Jamaica, with long family history of master tailors and dressmakers. Sonia shares the story, as a child she sat next to her mother watching her handcraft extremely difficult accordion pleating – we get a glimpse of where Sonia’s endless reservoir of talent comes from.

Her love for couture is unwavering, which is undeniable each and every time another masterpiece comes off her sewing machine. Practically sewing and patternmaking since birth, there has yet to be a Valencienne design she is unable to bring to life.

Rose is of Italian descent and is a remarkably skilled seamstress. Her specialty falls in working with Silk fabrics and especially adept in handling notoriously difficult fabrics.

Working numerous years with Tricia Cochrane bridal boutique, Rose was first recruited to our bridal atelier after we caught wind of her talented custom dressmaking skills. She has been employed at Valencienne for 2 years and joins our team as a renowned seamstress and handfinisher.

She is our “Jill of all trades”. Elaine is a graduate from the prestigious Ryerson School of Fashion, honored as one of the top 10 designers of her graduating year. She is talented in a multitude of bridal construction skills, including handfinishing, sewing and draping; but beyond the production side of Valencienne, the bridal business also requires strong skills in graphic design, organization and communication - all of which are qualities that Elaine excels in.

Working with Valencienne for more than 5 years, Elaine has accumulated her experience in the bridal atelier environment from the very bottom up and currently touches on every aspect of the business, making her a fundamental contribution to the team.

Piece by piece, a Valencienne gown comes together – fabric shapes are bound together by silky threads.

Starting with an illustration, luxurious silk fabrics meeting with precise dressmaker scissors, passing through the keen eye of a skilled seamstress, fitted to follow and hug every natural curve of your body, delivered to the delicate hands of an experienced hand-finisher, pressed and packaged with greatest care to every detail and finally your one-of-a-kind couture bridal gown is a reality.

Read on to discover the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into each and every Valencienne creation.

The design of your gown starts with a vision conjured up from the designer’s imagination.

Wearing a Valencienne gown you will be a vision worthy of a masterpiece– because it’s been sketched with you in mind; capturing your personality and fashion style, whilst all combined to fit the theme and look of your wedding. It starts with browsing through bolts of magnificent silk fabrics, gorgeous delicate laces, and intricate beadwork samples. To combine these fine elements, the designer begins to understand every bride’s dream dress, by asking the right questions.

The first meeting comes to an end with an illustration sketched just in front of you and the Valencienne couture experience begins.

The collection of fabrics we have at Valencienne is a worldly possession; Chantilly and corded laces from France, luscious Peau De Soie from England, elaborate beadwork from India and sparkling crystals from Austria, are only beginning to name a few.

Alike the famous haute couture designers, we demand the best quality with our materials, it’s only befitting that we share the same fabric mills and suppliers as the Valentinos, Diors and Oscar de la Rentas of the world.

With the ever-changing world of fashion, Valencienne is always on the cutting edge of trends whether it be color, fabric choices or detailing; we have an endless supply of options that suits every clients wishes.

As every bride should feel unique, especially while wearing her wedding finery, each Valencienne gown is cut to the measurements of the individual client.

Your dress first takes form as a 2D paper pattern, drafted from your specific body dimensions. Next we fit the toile, which is a preliminary draft of your dress cut out of canvas material; at this stage our seamstress captures your every curve, where your dress will be perfectly proportioned to you. Sewn with extreme attention to detail and using time-consuming techniques executed by hand the skill of the artisan is paramount, over the next couple fittings your exquisite gown takes shape before your very own eyes.

The true meaning of couture is attached to the measure of the amount of hand-sewing in each and every garment. Here at Valencienne, the placement of every bead, crystal or lace appliqué is decided upon with meticulous consideration towards the overall detailing. Each element is painstakingly sewn on one by one with the hands of skilled craftsmanship.

An embellishment is anything that creates design interest to the piece; beyond artistic beadwork, we make beautiful silk flowers that would make florist gasp; elaborate embroidery patterns that would awe the maharajah , scrumptious draping that create textures and shapes that a prized sculptor would be proud of. The finishing touches that create the sought after WOW factor is what makes your gown magically come alive.

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